HearClear™ Hearing Aids: Loaded with Technology

We pack our hearing aids with state-of-the-art third generation, digital microchips for crystal clear sound. With automatic noise reduction and a feedback canceler you’ll get much better overall sound for a fraction of the list price. Our hearing aids are almost always significantly better than the competition for the price. It’s perhaps the best value in America.

HearClear Hearing Aids: Loaded with Technology

Over 28 Years in Business with Thousands
of 5-Star Reviews

We've put our customers first for over 28 years and have an A+ BBB rating. We stand by every HearClear™ hearing aid we sell. Check out our stellar reviews!

Free Telecare Service from our Customer Care Team

With our free telecare service, you can call our knowledgeable care team from the comfort of your home. We'll discuss your specific hearing loss situation and find the hearing aids that's perfect for you. Our hearing aids come pre-programmed so you can start hearing better right out of the box.

Small and Discreet, with Easy Volume Control

Our HearClear™ Hearing Aids are powerful, digital FDA-registered small and discreet devices. Our processing chips provide crystal clear soundand makes speech easier to understand with less feedback than old analog technology. And, with our rechargeable hearing aids,you won’t need to worry about replacing batteries! You'll receive a full day of use and a free charging station.

Small and Discreet, with Easy Volume Control

Need More Info?

Our Customer Care Team is standing by to help you.

Our Care Team can be reached at 1 800 804-0434.

An American Company with an A+ BBB Rating

An American Company with an A+ BBB Rating

We’ve been in business for over 28 years and have maintained a strict A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We're here to help you for the long haul, with outstanding service and affordable prices.

Do What You Love Again!

With our digital, rechargeable hearing aids you can do the things you love. Imagine hearing all the words your spouse, friends or grandchildren say. Or hearing the birds outside. And not being distracted in a noisy room. Watch TV with ease, and enjoy the more intimate, quiet moments. With adjustable volume controls, you're in complete control.

So take back your life, and save a lot of money. It's completely risk-free.

Do What You Love Again!

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100% money back guarantee on all hearing aid orders.

Iron-clad Guarantee

We’re so certain you're going to love your HearClear™ hearing aids that we offer an iron-clad money back guarantee. If you're unsatisfied for any reason, just return your hearing aids within 30 days for a full refund. You have everything to gain and nothing to risk. Use our secure online ordering or call our Customer Care Team at 1 800 318-1395today.

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